Is it time for a new motorhome?

I am very happy with my 2019 Dutch Star 4369. This is by far the best quality build coach I have had, the best performing, and best looking one.

When I discovered ceramic coating and paint correction, my world changed for paint care. Now everywhere I travel, I can quickly wash my coach and keep it looking better than factory condition.

We have traveled in summer and winter conditions, and have never found a time that we wished for something more than what we have. So why would I even consider a new rv?

The main driving force is the supply and demand of used motorhomes. I have owned this motorhome for less than 3 years, and can now sell it for a profit. This opportunity has never been available to me in the past. Further, pricing on Newmar coaches is set to increase in July of 2021. By placing an order before the increase, I will have further reduced my exposure to depreciation on the new rv.

The last part of the decision is the timing. We are currently traveling in the motorhome, with plans to return home in 45 days. After the conclusion of this trip, we don’t have any trips planned until early spring of 2022. This gives me plenty of time to sell my 2019

I am leaning heavily towards getting another Dutch Star 4369. The only hesitancy I have is the impending price increase may be a reason to upgrade to a higher line coach, and I have always had a desire for the 605HP engine in the London Aire.

I have calls to make to check on pricing and availability. The list of dealers I will contact is Steinbring, Midway, Coachlight, and NIRVC. These dealers are honest and reputable dealers, who won’t waste time or pull any of the typical tricks for the sale.

Once I have more details, I will post again.