2019 Freightliner Digital Dash Recall Campaign – Update

December 3, 2018 I started a call to action for owners of the Freightliner digital dash to contact the NHTSA to issue a recall of this dangerous dash. This was after my many attempts to get Newmar and Freightliner to take action on their own.

Today I was contacted today from the NHTSA.

The rep I spoke with said that there is a clear pattern, with a total of 3 reports of this issue. He is going to take it to the next level by contacting Newmar to get a response from Newmar. I asked if Freightliner would be more appropriate, but he said this had to go thru Newmar, since they are the finished vehicle builder.

He said that if more complaints are registered, it will be routed to him.

If you have a 2018/2019 Freightliner with a digital dash that will not dim safely at night, please fill out the complaint. This took over a year to get to this point, but they are finally doing something about it!


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