2019 Freightliner Digital Dash Recall – Its Official

The original Call to action was a huge success!

It took a lot longer than I would have hoped, but today the recall campaign has become an official recall.

This entire experience should serve as a template on how the RV Community can work together to bring change. We have a huge voice, that once organized in a consistent manner, can bring major change to the industry.

More Details:

Newmar RSB# 556

NHTSA #20V 509

Affected Models:
2018 Essex, New Aire on Freightliner Chassis
2019 Ventana, Dutch Star, New Aire, Mountain Aire, London Aire, Essex on Freightliner Chasssis

One thought on “2019 Freightliner Digital Dash Recall – Its Official”

  1. Another good day for us. The NHTSA has issued a consent order to Freightliner for their slow response to recalls, and the ongoing delays between notices and actually fixing. This carries a $30M fine and mandates that corrective action take place quickly.

    This is similar to the fine issued to Hyundai/Kia earlier this year.

    Maybe we will get our dash fixed within the next 12 months.

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