2019 Dutch Star 4369 – HWH Active Air

When I purchased my 2013 Dutch star, one of the first upgrades I did was install HWH Active Air. This system allows for air leveling of the coach, while retaining the factory hydraulic leveling options. When driving, Active air works proactively to maintain levels of the coach, preventing the lean that occurs when making lane changes, or radius exits.

HWH does the installs at their factory in Moscow, IA. The job is a 5 day job, always starting on Monday and work being complete early Friday. All of the components are manufactured onsite, and custom fit to the coach.

The active air is very noticeable under some extreme test conditions that I did, but the weather was not bad, so I didn’t have a very many times when the Active Air went into fly mode.

Fly mode is when the screen goes to green, and is actively adjusting the level of the coach to counteract conditions. When driving with a strong cross wind, or having a semi meet you on a 2 lane road at 80mph, the Active Air will usually go into fly mode.

I was able to make it go into fly mode by cranking the wheel hard right to left, trying to get the back end to break loose. I also did a sudden 3 lane change (no traffic around me) and quick return 1 lane over, which would normally cause a lot of body roll, but the coach handled great.

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